Stories about Nari Jibon from January, 2008

Nari Jibon: Bloggers discussing education, emancipation and poverty

  25 January 2008

Since July Nari Jibon Project staff and students have posted more than 170 articles (in both Bangla and English). Today we feature their stories about their livelihoods and their perspectives about poverty, emancipation and importance of education for women. Read how women are making their presence felt in a society where only about a century ago child marriage was prevalent and women belonged inside the house only.

Review of Rising Voices Projects

  12 January 2008

We have witnessed an incredibly sense of community take place among the participants of each of the first five Rising Voices projects. They have become more than just bloggers. In fact, through their weblogs, they have become much better friends. Over the next six months hopefully those friendships will extend from one project to the next, over borders, differing cultures and languages.