· July, 2008

Stories about Nari Jibon from July, 2008

Citizen journalism and Rising Voices

  20 July 2008

We hear the term 'citizen journalism' almost everywhere. But to be precise, what is it? Why do we need to embrace citizen journalism? What effects does it have on a society and how can it give a voice to the people who are under reported in the mainstream media? We will find the answer to those questions in this feature and learn how the Rising Voices projects are embracing citizen journalism.

Nari Jibon: The joy of having their own blog

  10 July 2008

The women of Nari Jibon traveled a long way to overcome shyness, opening themselves up, build their confidence and were trained to tell their stories to the world via blogging. With much effort and support from the educators and a little help from the friends of Nari Jibon the students are now publishing stories, poems photos etc. in their own blogs.

Travel with a Purpose

  8 July 2008

When asked "how can we help" by an audience member at the Global Voices Summit in Budapest, Hungary, Mialy Andriamananjara of the FOKO Madagascar project said it was skills not money that her project needed the most. By using social networking travel sites like Dopplr, we can help introduce highly skilled travelers to Rising Voices outreach projects. Groups like Nari Jibon in Dhaka, Bangladesh have already discovered the magic of making it work.