Stories about REPACTED

REPACTED: Use Contraceptives, Stop The Stigma

  25 January 2009

In 2008 REPACTED carried out magnet theatre and other outreach efforts including the use of digital media-photography, video shooting, blogging and encouraged HIV positive persons from the community to blog about their stories. The REPACTED bloggers advocated use of contraceptives in schools and pleaded to stop the stigma against the HIV positive persons in their society.

REPACTED: Helping Kenya Stay Alive

  30 November 2008

This video produced by MTV's Staying Alive Foundation shows the inspiring work done by Kenya-based Rising Voices grantee REPACTED. See more videos of the REPACTED project and read the most recent posts by their bloggers by taking a look at the REPACTED category of Rising Voices.

REPACTED: Working Towards A World Free From HIV/AIDS

  20 November 2008

Eduardo Ávila of the Voces Bolivanas project recently visited the REPACTED project in Kenya. Read his accounts of the works and the challenges of this project. Also posted in this feature are two videos of Magnet theatre, their tool for behavioral change in the society and some photos taken by Eduardo. Read also the highlights from the blogs of the REPACTED members, who are telling amazing stories online about their fight to make the world free from HIV/AIDS and STIs.

Rising Voices Bloggers on Obama's Victory

  8 November 2008

Rising Voices bloggers joined the global chorus this week as several responded to Barack Obama's victory in Tuesday's presidential election in the United States. We hear comparisons with elections in Colombia and Bolivia, and a blogger in Kenya shares his worries about the security of Obama's grandmother living in Kogelo, Kenya.

REPACTED: Challenging the digital divide

  18 September 2008

Many REPACTED members have their own blogs now but they can rarely update because of costly Internet connection. They have produced videos and images of their magnet theater production aimed at behavioral change in marginal societies in Kenya but cannot upload in their blogs because of slow Internet connection. Read about their challenges and dreams.

REPACTED: Learning to Blog

  21 August 2008

We have some updates from the Rising Voices grantee REPACTED. In the last week of July REPACTED had a workshop on report writing and blogging in their project office in Nakuru, Kenya.

Rising Voices at the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit

  4 July 2008

The second day of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit projected different works and achievements of Global Voices Online. The Rising Voices project was certainly in the spotlight as it involves in giving the voice to those who need it the most and improves the lives of people who are neglected by the media and the communities. We look at the presentation of the Rising Voices project in the summit and the reactions of the participants and the media.

REPACTED: Young and ready to change the society

  19 June 2008

Kenyan youths face a low life expectancy because of extreme poverty, poor health care and an AIDS epidemic. Some of them are internally displaced and took refuge in camps after the post election violence. But with the help of REPACTED, a Rising Voices grantee they have found hope and are daring to make a change in the society. Learn how they are doing it in this week's feature.

REPACTED: Giving Voice To The Kenyan Youths

  3 April 2008

We have interviewed Denis Kimambo, Program Manager of one of the new Rising Voices grantees, the Youth Media Consultative Forum of REPACTED from Kenya. Through this interview we learn about this interesting project as well as updates of the situation in Kenya after the end of the post election crisis.