· November, 2010

Stories about RV in Egypt from November, 2010

[Podcast] Interview with Randa AbulDahab

  14 November 2010

Blogger and filmmaker Randa AbulDahab is part of the coordination team from the Women of Minya Day by Day project, and has been leading the video and photography workshops with the women. In this audio podcast, she discusses her hopes for the project.

Exploring Taboos: When Women Are Blamed for Being Harassed

  3 November 2010

Sexual harassment is a very serious matter in Egypt, a country where 83% of its women have reported being the target of harassment. Another study found that 80% of men between the ages of 25-29 say that women bear the responsibility because of their lack of modesty in their dress. A blogger from the Exploring Taboos project has been writing about this phenomenon.

Minya: Workshop Participants Narrate More Stories

  2 November 2010

The stories emerging from the Women of Minya Day by Day project are ones of hardship, yet resilience in overcoming these challenges. The workshops provided by the New Woman Foundation allows the women of the Dawadeyya village to express themselves about issues that concerns them, especially health-related topics and their legal rights.