Stories about RV in Egypt

The First Posts from the Exploring Taboos Project

  29 August 2010

The “Exploring Taboos” project conducted by the Nazra team has finally started with a workshop attended by five participants. The first day the training was about video journalism, the second day was about sexuality theory, and the third day was about the use of social media. In this post, we look at some of the blog posts written by the participants.

Minya: A Visit to the Bride of Upper Egypt

  20 August 2010

Rising Voices recently visited the village of Dawadeyya in the Minya governorate in Egypt, which is known as the "Bride of Upper Egypt." This is where the Women of Minya Day by Day project will be taking place coordinated by the New Woman Foundation, where they will work with young women who work in harsh conditions.

Inclusiveness Of Citizen Media In Egypt

  8 August 2010

In the latest post of the series highlighting the current state of citizen media in Egypt, Eman AbdElRahman tries to answer the question: "are all the voices on the Egyptian blogsphere are representative to the various voices in Egypt, or is it only inclusive to the capital city Cairo?"

[Video] Introduction to Women of Minya Day by Day

  28 July 2010

Nevine Ebeid is coordinating the project Women of Minya Day by Day of the New Women Foundation in Cairo, which is working with NGOs in the Minya Governorate located 250 km south of the capital. In this video, Nevine discusses how they will use citizen media tools to train female women laborers how to tell their stories and help advocate for greater legal protections.

[Video] Introduction to Mokattam Blog Tales

  27 July 2010

Nesma Gewily is the coordinator of the Mokattam Blog Tales project in the Masaken Alzelzal - Alhadba Alwosta neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt. In this video, Nesma describes the project, in partnership with the Alwan Wa Awtar organization, which will teach the neighborhood's teenagers how to document and tell the story of their community using citizen media tools.

[Video] Introduction to Exploring Taboos Project

  24 July 2010

Fatma Emam, one of the team members from Nazra, provides a history and overview of the initiative, as well as an introduction to the "Exploring Taboos" project. These workshops are part of the Rising Voices-supported projects in Egypt.

Egypt: The Cultural Side of a Blogosphere

  9 July 2010

Whenever the Egyptian blogosphere is mentioned, the focus is often on the activist bloggers who campaign for political issues. However, there is another side of this rich blogosphere - those bloggers who write about cultural aspects of Egyptian society.

Egypt: Talking Openly About Sexuality

  1 July 2010

Even though a 2006 Google Trends report indicated that Egyptians were in the Top 2 countries in the world to look for the term "sex" on the search engine, that interest in the subject does not always carry over to openly discussing the subject in mainstream or citizen media.

Egypt: Who is and is not Producing Citizen Media?

  18 June 2010

Who is producing citizen media in Egypt? And who is not? This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the current state of citizen media in Egypt, as the three newest Rising Voices grantees in Egypt begin preparations for their work.

Announcing the Newest Grantees From Egypt

  28 May 2010

Rising Voices is pleased to announce the 3 newest members to join its global community of citizen media projects. These 3 Egypt-based projects will receive microgrant funding so that they can implement their projects and help bring a new set of Egyptian voices into light.

Ask Rising Voices Your Application Questions

  19 April 2010

As part of Rising Voices' outreach to potential applicants for our latest round of microgrant funding for citizen media projects in Egypt, which will be due on Friday, April 30, we will be offering a bilingual live chat for interested individuals or organizations. Please visit here on Wednesday, April 21 at 8 PM CLT (6 PM GMT/UTC) to participate as we answer questions from interested applicants.

Rising Voices Seeks Micro-Grant Proposals for Citizen Media Outreach in Egypt

  14 April 2010

Rising Voices, the outreach arm of Global Voices Online, in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, is now accepting project proposals from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or individuals for microgrant funding of up to €2500 for teaching blogging, videoblogging, or other citizen media techniques to teach underrepresented groups in EGYPT. Deadline is April 30, 2010.