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Stories about Roundup

21 March 2014

The Amp #9: March 7 – March 21

Check out our microgrant application! Along with many other opportunities to apply for and new tools to try out...

7 March 2014

The Amp #8: Feb 22 – March 7

The Amp is out! Check out our long list of jobs, scholarships, and other opportunities... plus a special focus on languages this week, rounding up from International Mother Language Day.

21 February 2014

The Amp #7 : Feb 8 – 21

Along with our usual list of opportunities and projects, today we are commemorating International Mother Language Day with a campaign asking people and organisations from around the world to tweet...

7 February 2014

The Amp #6 : Jan 23 – Feb 7

The Amp is so full this week we're sure you'll be busy until the next one! Check out our list of blog posts, funding opportunities, scholarships, and conferences...

23 January 2014

The Amp #5 : Jan 10 – 23

Check out our biweekly newsletter full of opportunities and funds to apply for, a summary of recent blog articles, and articles about media development around the world...

10 January 2014

The Amp #4: Dec 20 – Jan 10

Happy 2014! Kick off your new year with some new opportunities and ideas...

20 December 2013

The Amp #3: Dec 8 – 20

The Rising Voices bi-weekly newsletter is out! Check out all the links, opportunities, and articles you may have missed...

6 December 2013

The Amp #2 : Nov. 27 – Dec. 6

The Rising Voices bi-weekly newsletter is out! Check out all the links, opportunities, and articles you may have missed...

22 November 2013

The Amp #1 (Formerly the Roundup)

The Rising Voices Roundup is now THE AMP! Still bi-weekly, still full of great opportunities and blog summaries, still what you want to be reading every other week....

31 October 2013

Rising Voices Roundup: Oct 15 – Oct 30

Here's the bi-weekly roundup... chock full this time! Check out loads of links and opportunities to see what you've missed.

14 October 2013

Rising Voices Roundup: Oct 1 – Oct 14

Check out our bi-weekly listing of opportunities and events, plus a recap of recent stories on the blog.

30 September 2013

Rising Voices Roundup: Sept 17 – Sept 30

The most recent Rising Voices Roundup (new name coming soon!) listing the resources, articles, and opportunities we've found in the past two weeks...

23 September 2013

Contest: Help Us Re-name the Roundup!

Help us re-name the Rising Voices Roundup - we need a name for this newsletter that better reflects Rising Voices and the creativity of our community! And there will be...