· December, 2011

Stories about Languages from December, 2011

Singing the National Anthem in their Own Language

  27 December 2011

On YouTube, one can find countless examples of citizen media videos of national anthems sung in indigenous languages. Judging from the comments on these videos, they are a sense of pride for native speakers of these languages to be able to honor their country in their own language.

Languages: Content Aggregation For Underrepresented Voices

  9 December 2011

During the Online Dialogue “Using Citizen Media Tools to Promote Under-Represented Languages” some interesting issues came up including the need for aggregation of online contents to preserve less spoken languages. One example is the Welsh language tweet aggregator Umap Cymraeg which has a database of more than 2000 Welsh language Twitter users online to see the true nature of the Welsh discussions and what issues are most popular.