· April, 2012

Stories about Languages from April, 2012

Languages: The Digital Sounds of Bésiro (Chiquitano)

  22 April 2012

A group of linguists in Santa Cruz, Bolivia recently started a project called Monkox Bésiro as a way to revitalize the Bésiro (Chiquitano) language through the use of digital citizen media tools. In addition to creating Twitter and Facebook accounts to encourage participation among their community, they have been utilizing audio podcasts to share the sounds of this native language.

Living Tongues: Endangered Language Technology Kits To The Rescue

  10 April 2012

Living Tongues Institute for endangered languages acknowledges that with the death of every endangered language the collective history of an entire people dies with it. To address this issue the institute scientifically documents endangered languages, and assists communities with maintaining and revitalizing knowledge of their native languages through ICT and community driven tools. It is raising funds to secure recording equipment and computers for 8 indigenous language activists in India, Papua New Guinea, Chile and Peru.