· July, 2012

Stories about Languages from July, 2012

Languages: Crowd-Sourced Online Nouchi Dictionary

30 July 2012

Nouchi started out as a street slang used by disenfranchised youths in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, but has since gained prominence and even given rise to a writing system. A project has taken on the task of putting together a crowdsourced online dictionary for the language where speakers of this language can contribute through apps or their Facebook profile.

Languages: The Nahuatl Word of the Day on Twitter

  12 July 2012

Sergio Avila has taken to Twitter to post a "Nahuatl Word of the Day" as a way to teach and to interact with other up and coming learners of this indigenous language spoken throughout Mexico and other countries in Central America. New contributing author Cynthia Aguilar recently interviewed Sergio in the Nahuatl language about his work using citizen media to promote the use of Nahuatl.