· April, 2013

Stories about Languages from April, 2013

No Digital Camera? No Problem. Create Your Own Language Video

  23 April 2013

Thanks to a new feature on the Endangered Languages Project (ELP) website, language activists who may not have ready access to a digital video camera can now make their own contribution towards the revitalization of their endangered language online. The new “Add a Video” feature allows users to create their own citizen media by recording a video directly from their computer's webcam for upload and sharing with the wider community.

Celebrating Multilingualism at the Tunis World Social Forum

  11 April 2013

Would you deem yourself able of understanding, however partially, the general meaning of a text written in a language you know nothing of, except maybe its existence? Such as Basque, Estonian, Hungarian or Turkish, to name just a few? The workshop "The Magic of Language Equality" demonstrated the feat with playfulness, opening amazing perspectives into language-learning for young and old.