· February, 2014

Stories about Languages from February, 2014

Indigenous Tweets #IMLD14 Roundup

  28 February 2014

Last Friday was International Mother Language Day, a celebration of linguistic and diversity. This year Rising Voices and Indigenous Tweets encouraged people to tweet in their native language using the hashtag #imld14. Here is a sampling of contributions.

I Type, Therefore I Am: Texting in Local Languages

27 February 2014

Vehicular languages are more widely spoken than the official national languages in most countries. And despite the fact that they are also used for texting, they receive less support on mobile platforms than the official languages. Are we faced with a global systemic error? Or does the world believe that those languages do not have their place in the advanced technology sector?

The Challenges of Written Media in Indigenous Communication

  5 February 2014

There is a rich history of indigenous media in the oral form of radio, television, and audiovisual content. What about written media in indigenous languages? This special guest post from Yásnaya Aguilar presents some examples of written media and examines some of the challenges of finding a readership in indigenous languages in Mexico.

The Facebook Story of the Librarian

  4 February 2014

Rising Voices applauds the recognition received by Israel Quic and the Rija'tzuul Na'ooj Community Library in San Juan La Laguna in Guatemala by being featured as one of the Ten Facebook Stories about the work of revitalizing the T'zutujil language and culture through citizen media.