· May, 2011

Stories about Case Studies from May, 2011

Case Study: Featured Contents From Kibera News Network

  7 May 2011

Kibera is a division of Kenya and a province and neighborhood of the city of Nairobi. It is the largest slum in Nairobi, with a population of 170,070 (as per 2009 census). Map Kibera and Kibera Community Development Agenda (KCODA) started Kibera News Network, an online “TV channel” for local stories and news about Kibera. The contents are generated by a community of young video journalists who vows to portray the other side of the Kibera.

Case Study: Mapping and Hearing the Voice of Kibera

  7 May 2011

This continues the series posts featuring projects engaging with underrepresented communities through citizen media training workshops. This post takes a look at the Map Kibera project in Kenya with an interview with its co-founders, Erica Hagen and Mikel Maron.