· January, 2012

Stories about Case Studies from January, 2012

Closing the Gap in Indigenous Australia with Mobile Journalism

26 January 2012

NT Mojos, a project in Australia's Northern Territory, empowers indigenous people to have a local voice and to provide a less marginalized view of everyday life by enabling them to create and share mobile stories. This post is republished thanks to the Mobile Media Toolkit.

Somalia Speaks: Amplifying Unheard Somalian Voices

24 January 2012

Somalia is one of those developing countries who end up in world media for all the wrong reasons: civil war, famine, drought, Somalian pirates are to name a few. With the help of an Ushahidi based platform “Somalia Speaks“, Al Jazeera English is aggregating unheard voices from inside Somalia via SMS. The responses are translated into English and plotted onto a map.

India: Crowdsourcing Traffic Violations On Facebook

  2 January 2012

India is one of the few countries in the world where its traffic police departments of many cities have joined social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and are encouraging posting of crowdsourced information on Traffic violations. Thousands of users are following these pages and many are contributing photos and videos of traffic violations, so that police can take action.