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· July, 2008

Stories about Feature from July, 2008

31 July 2008

Blogging Since Infancy: reducing the digital divide in Uruguay

Within 2009, all children and teachers of primary and public schools in Uruguay will have their own laptops (OLPC) donated by the State. With the help of a Rising Voices...

24 July 2008

Voces Bolivianas expands to a remote city of Bolivia

Voces Bolivianas has recently started its outreach workshop in Trinidad city of Beni, a remote district in the Amazon region. 19 participants were taught the basics of blogs and they...

21 July 2008

One Blogger's Determination to Help Baby Kamba in Madagascar

Diana Chamia, an 18-year-old journalism student who was taught how to blog in a Foko workshop in Mahajanga, first met one-year-old baby Kamba when she accidentally missed her busstop and...

20 July 2008

Citizen journalism and Rising Voices

We hear the term 'citizen journalism' almost everywhere. But to be precise, what is it? Why do we need to embrace citizen journalism? What effects does it have on a...

13 July 2008

HiperBarrio in Campus Party

The ConVerGentes project of HiperBarrio made their way from Medellín to the capital city, Bogotá, at the end of June to attend Campus Party, one of the Spanish-speaking world's largest...

10 July 2008

Nari Jibon: The joy of having their own blog

The women of Nari Jibon traveled a long way to overcome shyness, opening themselves up, build their confidence and were trained to tell their stories to the world via blogging....

8 July 2008

Travel with a Purpose

When asked "how can we help" by an audience member at the Global Voices Summit in Budapest, Hungary, Mialy Andriamananjara of the FOKO Madagascar project said it was skills not...

4 July 2008

Rising Voices at the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit

The second day of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit projected different works and achievements of Global Voices Online. The Rising Voices project was certainly in the spotlight as it...