· February, 2009

Stories about Feature from February, 2009

Catalina Restrepo Describes ConVerGentes

  26 February 2009

This Monday the citizen journalists of ConVerGentes, a project of HiperBarrio, got together for a video blogging workshop which, among other strategies, showed the journalists how to frame interview subjects using different angles and framings. In this video Catalina Restrepo describes the goals and activities of ConVerGentes.

Drop-In Center: Do Not Repeat My Mistakes

  25 February 2009

Pavel Kutsev, co-founder of a Ukrainian foundation for injection drug users called Drop-In Center, posts a touching story about his discussion with 20 teenagers about the harmful consequences of drugs.

FOKO: Ushahidi Comes To Madagascar

  21 February 2009

Rising Voices grantee FOKO’s members were at the forefront of the recent coverage of Tropical Storm Eric, Cyclone Fanele, and the recent protests and political turmoil in Madagascar by local citizen journalists of Madagascar. While bloggers from the capital Antananarivo are still actively reporting on the events happening on different key spots of the capital, FOKO Madagascar has introduced the Ushahidi engine, the powerful citizen media platform to report the crisis. Using SMS and web the silent majority of the citizens of Madagascar will record a detailed factual and location based report of the crisis in the country (political or environmental) in FOKO Ushahidi, which will plot them on a map.

Voces Bolivianas: Blogging A Summit And A Referendum

  16 February 2009

The recently concluded Voces Bolivianas summit at Cochabamba, Bolivia titled “Web 2.0 for Everyone” was a success. Some of the participants have blogged about their experience. Voces Bolivianas members also blogged about the referendum of the amendment of the constitution of Bolivia and why it was important to them.

Serbian Web Journalism School: Learning Web 2.0 Skills

Web journalism is more than just publishing some news on the web. The journalists have a wider scope to attract interest of the readers and add real value to their works by using external hyperlinks, graphs, illustrations, images, audio and video. The Rising Voices Grantee the Serbian Web Journalism School is teaching several such skills to the students.

HiperBarrio Gets Its Groove Back

  3 February 2009

After a slow couple months the members of HiperBarrio have come up with a plan to inject some enthusiasm and inspiration back into the group and its production of new media.

“Web 2.0 for Everyone” Reinvigorates Bolivia's Digerati

  1 February 2009

Despite Bolivia's low internet penetration (among the lowest in Latin America at 4.4% compared to neighboring Chile's 36.1%, according to El Deber), the citizen media project and Rising Voices grantee Bolivian Voices is determined to spread Web 2.0 well beyond Bolivia's connected elite. Their latest initiative, Web 2.0 for Everyone, began Friday with a public event in Cochabamba followed by a day of intensive workshops aimed at teaching more Bolivians how to make their voices heard and gain social capital from tools like Twitter, blogs, and various photo- and video-sharing websites.