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· February, 2010

Stories about Feature from February, 2010

28 February 2010

Voces Bolivianas: Carnival And Jaqi Aru

Eduardo Avila of Rising Voices grantee Voces Bolivianas project talks with the Bolivian periodical Los Tiempos about the project and the emergence of Jaqui-Aru, a virtual community promoting the use...

26 February 2010

Ceasefire Liberia: Liberian Citizen Journalists Counter Inaccurate Media Reporting

Vice magazine has sent a letter of apology to the Liberian Government for the forced exoticism and inaccuracies of a recent series of web documentaries published in their site. This...

21 February 2010

Abidjan Blog Camps: Cocoa, Avenue Afrique And Abidjan Barcamp

Things are not always as it seems and there are stories behind stories. People read many news everyday and are usually influenced by these reports. There is hardly any effort...

20 February 2010

Featured Blogger: Saki Golafale

“Liberia is good at history making,” says Saki Golafale, one of the members of Ceasefire Liberia, citing the fact that his country was one of the first independent nations in...

17 February 2010

Foko Bloggers Shine In The Best Of Malagasy Blogs Contest

On February 1st, 2010 the The Best Of Malagasy Blogs (BOMBS) 2009 awards were announced. We have the pleasure to inform you that several bloggers from Foko, the Rising Voices...

13 February 2010

Nomad Green: Mongolia – A Disaster In The Making

Mongolia is witnessing the fiercest winter in living memory and adding to the misery decreasing foodstock may leave approximately 20 million farm animals frozen to death before Spring. Livestock being...

10 February 2010

Featured Blogger: Nora Catalina Urquijo

Back in 2005, Nora Catalina Urquijo already had a blog on MSN Live Spaces, but says about her early days blogging, “what I didn't know was the power that a...

8 February 2010

EWAMT: 112 Yemeni Women Received Citizen Media Training

The first phase of the project ‘Empowerment of Women Activists in Media Techniques‘ has been completed. In spite of technical challenges like frequent electricity outages and slow internet, the project...

4 February 2010

HiperBarrio Is Now A ‘Nonprofit Corporation’

Hiperbarrio, the Rising Voices grantee from Colombia has achieved a new feat. After going through many bureaucratic hurdles Hiperbarrio got its legal identity- it is now a nonprofit corporation. This...