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· June, 2010

Stories about Feature from June, 2010

25 June 2010

HiperBarrio: Ituango Without Electricity

The bustling life of Ituango in Antiqua, Colombia, was put to a halt because of lengthy power cuts. The citizen journalists of HiperBarrio Ituango explains how it has affected the...

18 June 2010

Egypt: Who is and is not Producing Citizen Media?

Who is producing citizen media in Egypt? And who is not? This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the current state of citizen media in Egypt, as...

17 June 2010

Blogging Since Infancy: Blogging Workshops In The Schools

After the implementation of the Ceibal project all of the schoolchildren and primary teachers in Uruguay have now their own laptop. With the help of a Rising Voices micro-grant, several...

14 June 2010

The HiperBarrio Experience Multiplies by Three

HiperBarrio, a Rising Voices project from Colombia, has recently expanded its influence to three other groups, creating new bloggers that will tell stories from their community both collectively and individually....

5 June 2010

Ceasefire Liberia: New Milestones

Ceasefire Liberia project turned one year old recently and had reached new milestones. "We have formed partnerships with other fantastic organizations, we’ve been profiled a number of times in the...