· March, 2013

Stories about Feature from March, 2013

VOA Launches Experimental Digital Broadcasts via Shortwave

  29 March 2013

VOA Radiogram is sending digital messages across traditional shortwave frequencies. With a broadcast originating from North Carolina (USA), the transmission last week reached as far as Australia. This technology - simple and inexpensive - could be especially useful in times when the internet is not available, such as emergencies or under repressive regimes.

Building a New Media Platform to Re-imagine Bholakpur

  28 March 2013

The public image of Bholakpur in Hyderabad, India, has been constructed by the elite class of the city. Telling just one side of the story, those working in the Bholakpur informal waste economy are facing increasing violence around eviction. There is a need for a more detailed and sensitive narrative; something that can lead to more equitable outcomes...

Announcing the 2013 Microgrant Shortlisted Finalists

  25 March 2013

Rising Voices would like to thank the hundreds of applicants from more than 100 countries that submitted a proposal for consideration for the 2013 microgrants for citizen media outreach projects. We are pleased to announce the 74 shortlisted finalists, who have been invited to submit a final proposal for consideration. The winners will be announced by mid-April.

A Diversity of Sounds at the Indigenous University of Venezuela

  23 March 2013

The Indigenous University of Venezuela (UIV) is well known for its cultural diversity, bringing together students from many indigenous communities. On campus, one might hear a number of indigenous languages spoken by the students. Here are some examples of these languages uploaded to Rising Voices' Soundcloud account that were recorded during our workshops held at the UIV.

Get Online Week 2013: Europe's Digital Empowerment Campaign

  20 March 2013

This week is “Get Online Week”, a push to teach new digital skills to those with limited exposure to the Internet. The program this year tries to address Europe's rising unemployment, and especially focusing on young people, teaching and training them in new skills.

Programming Possibilities: Writing Code in Arabic

  18 March 2013

"قلب (Alb) tries to expand the digital conversation to consider more people. The fact that every modern programming language is in English is an idea that has shocked even the most veteran computer scientists. It's just not something you think about." An interview with the programmer Ramsey Nasser, creator of قلب (Alb), and a response from Tarek Amr.

Through the Lens of Students of the Indigenous University of Venezuela

15 March 2013

Three students from the Indigenous University of Venezuela recently took part in a week-long workshop to learn how to capture and share digital images from their campus, which attracts indigenous students to take part in an intercultural and experimental higher education. These students have been using images to tell the story of this unique university.

The iLabs: Letting Context Drive Development

  4 March 2013

The iLabs recognize that a focus on local interpretation over foreign “experts” brings in local knowledge of what does and doesn't work – extending their impacts beyond the life of a single project: "We believe that the most efficient programs and technologies are developed flexibly, with a base in the active participation of the communities they serve..."