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Rising Voices Roundup: July 18 – July 31

  31 July 2013

The most recent edition of the Rising Voices bi-weekly roundup features a lot of opportunities to apply for that we've found through social media... see if anything is right for you!

Pop Song Covers in the Inuktitut Language

  23 July 2013

Kelly Fraser, an Inuit student and singer, has been covering pop songs after translating them into the Inuktitut language. By sharing them on YouTube and SoundCloud, she is reaching a new generation of young Inuit who see their language reflected in songs they already know.

The Open Labs Community in Albania

  18 July 2013

A non-profit NGO based in Albania, it’s both a hacker lab and a community that’s working towards a central goal: to share knowledge through open technology. Originally published on The Social Tech Census.

Rising Voices Roundup: July 3 – 17

  17 July 2013

Here is the second installment in our Rising Voices updates (3rd - 17th of July 2013) of what we've been doing, finding, and publishing online... just in case you've missed something. We hope you find it useful!

One Year Later: Stories from Xela Civic Libraries

  17 July 2013

Following the project summary of the Rising Voices grantee project Xela Civic Libraries, we take a look at some of the content created in each of the three community libraries in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. These blog posts are snapshots of daily life taking place at the library and in the surrounding community.

One Year Later: Xela Civic Libraries

  15 July 2013

We look back at the past year in the work of Xela Civic Libraries, a 2012 Rising Voices grantee. The project took place in three community libraries in rural municipalities in the Quetzaltenango Department in Guatemala. Focusing on access to information and the sharing of news and activities on the community library blog, the project helped bring attention to local issues facing these communities.

Spaces: The Escuelab Community in Lima

  12 July 2013

Escuelab in Lima, Peru has not only been providing a physical space for a diverse group of citizens to come together to implement projects that will benefit society through the use of technology and digital media, but it is also a supportive community to help foster this creativity.

StoryMaking in Morocco

  11 July 2013

Twenty-four participants from across Morocco gathered in Rabat on July 1-5 for the first training in the basics of digital storytelling using the StoryMaker app for Android phones. The diverse group included journalists, bloggers, activists, software developers, translators, and other members of Morocco's civil society.

Chicas Poderosas: Starting a Network

  9 July 2013

"We want to empower that pro-active attitude, entrepreneurial spirit... to do more and talk less!" says Chicas Poderosas founder, explaining what inspired her to begin the project to empower women in data journalism.