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· May, 2019

Stories about Feature from May, 2019

Meet Margot Camones Maguiña, the host of @ActLenguas Twitter account for May 20-26

Learn more about Margot Camones Maguiña, the host managing the @ActLenguas Twitter account during May 20-26 2019 where she will share her perspectives on the Quechua language.

“If big tech companies won’t solve the problem for us, then we can do it ourselves.”

My 92 year old grandfather, like Nigerians of his generation, can read and write in Yorùbá. But since they are not 'literate' in English, they are digitally excluded.

Building community networks in Italy: Hacker-led experiments to bridge the digital divide

Learn about community networks from an Italian perspective focusing on the experience of Ninux.

RV Newsletter: This new toolkit aims to help videomakers achieve greater impact

The Rising Voices newsletter provides links to opportunities related to digital inclusion including access and adoption of digital tools, as well as different ways for communities to fully participate online.