· October, 2013

Stories about Feature from October, 2013

A Guide to Getting Started on Wikimedia Commons

  2 October 2013

Wikimedia Commons houses more than 18 million freely licensed media files. It is the place for users to help illustrate Wikipedia and the world around them. But as many new contributors find out, understanding the world of free licenses and encyclopedic content can be a challenge. They recently released a new tutorial brochure to help make it easier to collaborate and contribute.

Sharing Testimonies: An Open Project for Victims of Rape

  1 October 2013

Speaking and exchange is the first step towards healing. The blog project "Je connais un violeur" ("I know a rapist") provides an open space for women to anonymously exchange their testimonies while also working against misconceptions around rape. RV interviewed the founder about the project. (Note: this article may not be suitable for more sensitive readers).