An Outlet for Expression

It has been more than a month since “Bolivian Voices Day” took place all across the country. Some have mentioned that a one day workshop was not nearly enough and point to the fact that many of the new bloggers for one reason or another have not continued to blog. However, I am still under the notion that we reached 86 new potential bloggers, who at least now know that this option exists. Perhaps in other circumstances, such as better internet access in their neighborhood or more time to write, then they can pick up where they left off.

One participant from the April 19 event, Nancy Condori, participated in the city of El Alto. Her blog called El Chairo [es] had been updated only once since the first workshop. However, reviewing the RSS feeds, I came across a very authentic and heartfelt entry. Perhaps Nancy did not write the entry for any particular audience in mind, but thanks to the blog workshop, she knows that she has an outlet to write about her feelings and begin to heal. Here is a translation of her blog entry:

Did you know that having a baby in your home is the most beautiful thing?

Well, I had a baby in my home, but due to circumstances, she wen to heaven and is no longer with me. I feel sad because of the little one's absence, maybe for some it might seem absurd to cry for the loss of someone that was at my side for such a little time, but she meant a lot to me, even though some of my friends said that it was for the best so that she wouldn't have to suffer. Who know? All I know is that wherever she is that she will take care of me. I haven't stopped thinking about the beautiful baby called LINMEY, who went to heaven like a small angel. Only God knows why she left my side. I still weep for her departure, even though her parents abandoned her. For me, she was like my daughter, and writing these lines still move my heart and I can't keep from crying because of her absence.

A piece of advice for single fathers, single mothers, and parents: love your children because it the most beautiful gift that God and life can give.