Voces Bolivianas at BarCamp Santa Cruz

Voces Bolivianas supported and took part in BarCamp Santa Cruz, which took place on Saturday, January 16. Over 100 people from across the country attended in person and partiicpated in the event. In addition, approximately 60 more followed along via the live streaming video.

BarCamps have been taking place all across the world, and this was Bolivia's 3rd such event. The first was organized by Voces Bolivianas in the city of El Alto in August 2008.

In this spirit, several members of the Voces Bolivianas community across the country played key roles in the event, including the two principle organizers, Anne Arrázola and Jessica Olivares, both of whom have coordinated workshops in Santa Cruz.

Hugo Miranda, VB's technical coordinator, gave one of the keynote addresses where he shared his life experiences in the world of web 2.0. He shared the history of Voces Bolivianas with the audience from its early beginnings in 2007.

Mario Durán also gave a presentation via Skype from his home in El Alto about the project WiFi El Alto.

A new sister project called Jaqi Aru was formally launched at BarCamp and was represented by Ruben Hilari, one of the first VB participants in El Alto, joined by Edwin Quispe.