Voces Bolivianas Begins in Trinidad

Many Bolivians, when asked whether they have traveled throughout Bolivia, they often answer, “Everywhere, but Pando and Beni.” These two departments are situated in the Bolivian Amazon region and rarely make the headline of the national press, except when they experience devastating natural disasters. Very few bloggers come from these regions and thanks to the efforts on of the few local bloggers, Ericka Pinto, all of that might change providing knowledge about these participatory tools so that residents of Trinidad in the department of Beni can begin to write about their communities.

On Saturday, July 5, Ericka held a workshop with 19 participants, who learned the basics of blogs and created their own. Thanks to a partnership with a local university, Univalle, which provided their computer lab free of charge, the latest Voces Bolivianas took place in our 8th city across the country. This is only the beginning of this expansion, as Ericka indicated that support to these new bloggers will continue.

We are very pleased to welcome Ericka and salute her commitment to help provide these tools to the Voices in Trinidad.

Picture from the workshop taken by Ericka Pinto. See the rest of the photos on her blog.


More information to come.