Blogging Workshop

From Rafiq via Kathy:

Yes, our workshop went well. You will see a post on it soon. Mr. Shawn is
really a nice man. He showed the bloggers how to take good picture video,
Rules of taking good picture, video etc. He told us that there should be sub
title of video, its naqrration/explanation in short. he opened a Nari Jibon
you tube account. He down loaded a software for podcast interview. He showed
taslima how to do podcast etc. He enjoyed his time at Nari Jibon. Mr. Shawn
came at about 11:00am and stayed with us till 5:00pm. He also shared his
experince of visiting Cyclone Sidr affected area and showed picture, Video
etc. Mr. Shawn told me that he would come again in Nari Jibon.
44 students came today to attend the workshop. They all enjoyed and learn
much thing about blogging. Some of them sang a song ( We shall over come
some day- Bangla and English). Many picture and video were taken. we hope
to send some of them tomorrow.

We did not get four best bloggers. Zannat ara Amzad was busy with with her
Voter Id data entry and Nafisa Mubassara could not come as her grand mother
(Nani) became seriously ill suddenly. She had to go to see her Nani.
Blggers were very much happy to see that some of them are getting
acknowlegement and prize for their good effort. I think this will inspire
them much to give their best effort in our blog activities. They also are
happy and inspired to hear that best bloggers are going to get free cyber
time for one month.
I also acknowleged Taslima, Bipa and Sujon for their good effort in Nari
Jibon blog activities and for their excellent post, editing, Translation

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