A Fresh Start for the Bangla Blog

Re: bangla blog: Our stories (amader golpo)


1. New start of Bangla blog (Bangla bloger nabo jattra): (Author: Animesh ch. Bain)

In our daily life we see many things. Some of them give us pleasure, some give sorrow. Some are struggle of life.
Nari Jibon project would like to show those in Bangla blog.

2. Beauty, a story of a struggled woman’s story(Beauti ek Sangrami Narir golpo) ( translator Taslima ( Main article is from Sujan)

First part: (It has three parts. Those are not yet posted)
—Beauty, a Beautiful, 21 years young lady who rides in car, wears costly dresses but not happy. None of her relatives love her. Now she is resident base sex worker.
—-Her birth, her child hood, how she lost her way of home and caught by the police and sent to vagabond center where she stayed five years, studied in NO school up to class six.
—-How she came back to her parent:
—-How she learned dancing and became a dancer
To be continued

Next parts will be:
An accident of her life, how she became a sex worker
How she went to Dubai 9life at Dubai)
Her current life style and sex business

3. I had many dreams…….( Amar onek swapna…..) Author taslima

–Story of a Bangla student (Nasima)
–How she came to Dhaka from Kerani ganj
–How she became a domestic worker
–Violence at her work place
–Marriage, Married life, Dowry demand of her husband, domestic violence
–How she became a cake and cloth seller and how she came to Nj

4.Thoughts after spoiling/breaking sleep (Ghum bhanga chinta gulo) Author: Rafi Haque

–How she woke up
–What she was thinking after woke up.
–What she has gotten and what she should get
–Life is not permanent, people born with the notice of death

5. Dowry, A great problem for the women of Bangladesh Jautuk, Bangladeshe narither ekti baro samossha) (Author: Taslima
–Author described the story of a woman who had to face dowry demand of her husband though the dowry is illegal according to law of Bangladesh ( Sourse News paper)
–how she was abused by her husband for dowry
–how she got paternal property/money and plan of spending the money

6. Onek protikulota periye oboshese amar ma (My mother who overcame many obstacles after the death of her husband) Author-Helen sarkar English/com old student
Author wanted to express about her mother who passes hard working life and made them educated and she also became educated. After losing her husband she passed H.S.C and B.A and then got a good job