January, 2016

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My body My Choice (miniskirt march)

  January 7, 2016

In Zimbabwe, following the stripping of a young woman at a public bus terminus by touts, Katswe Sistahood mobilised some women activists and undertook a protest march in the city centre, to deliver a petition to the city council to do something about the menace that has become city touts towards women.

Donkey Bloggers

  January 7, 2016

After the arrest of several bloggers in Azerbaijan, an online campaign was launched to call upon the Azerbaijani authorities to release two young activists who were later called "The Donkey Bloggers". The goal was simple, apply enough pressure on the authorities so they would finally give in and release the activists.


  January 7, 2016

After the death of Susanna tragic death in the hospital, due to the lack of care and online campaign was launched demanding the Mexican Government to offer reparation of damages for Susana's family and that the San Cristobal Women's Hospital becomes safe for women.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions/ Consumer Boycott Campaign

  January 7, 2016

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. The Consumer Boycott Campaign focuses on a consumer boycott of Israeli companies, goods and services and/or of international companies involved in Israeli policies violating Palestinian human rights and international law.

Blogger and Online Activist Network

  January 7, 2016

After the killing of several prominent bloggers in Bangladesh, Bloggers and online activist network, launched a campaign to protest the murders and to raise more awareness on blogging. This campaign gathered the blogger's community for writing blogs against the injustice for the mass population in Bangladesh

Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan (Movement for Land Rights)

  January 7, 2016

Country India Campaign Description Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan is a coming together of different groups and struggles to protest against the proposed amendment to the law on land acquisition that would take away the rights of disenfranchised farmers and people whose land is taken away for big projects. Connected to this is...

Against Beef Ban in India

  January 7, 2016

In 2015 under the regime of Narendra Modi, there was an attempt to once again introduce laws that ban the selling of beef and slaughter of cows. The reasons are that as a HIndu majority nation, the religious feelings of the Hindus for the cow should be respected. The irony is that a majority in the nation rely on beef for cheap protein source and most of these people belong to either lower castes or the Muslim minority.


  January 7, 2016

#FreeKhadija is a campaign that began shortly after the arrest of prominent investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova in Azerbaijan. Her arrest was a blow to many of the friends and her family but also a sign that the government of Azerbaijan was ready to cross the red lines for the sake of silencing its key critics.

Advocacy Campaigns You Need to Know About

  January 6, 2016

GVeX core team has been involved with many advocacy campaigns all over the world, below are some of the campaigns that took both an online and offline aspect. If you want to share with us information about campaigns you've worked on, please fill this form. Data from globalvoicesexchange.silk.co