February, 2016

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7 Things I Learned from the GVeX Workshop

Last week, GVex participants met in Marseille, France, for the first in-person workshop of the project. Here are some of Zara's thoughts following 5 intense days of workshop!

On Coherent Narratives, Storytelling and Effective Advocacy

A coherent narrative is essential to an effective advocacy and an optimized engagement and with all the tools and technologies around us, each and everyone of us can tell his/her story...

Activist or Advocate, What Hat do You Wear?

“Are you an activist or an advocate?”, we all had to answer this question at a certain point in our life. How do we identify? Is it important to make this differentiation? And...

“Do You Believe You Have Empowered Me?…”- Story of Bangladesh

According to Dr. Yunnus, the concept of Microcredit loan for women has ensured women empowerment in Bangladesh and all over the world. However, the aftermath of this project has been...