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Since 2010, Indira has been working in digital communication for social change, involved in projects and also facilitating trainings in Mexico and Latin America. Community coordinator for the Spanish Infoactivism project of Tactical Technology Collective in 2010-2011. In 2011, she joined the Global Voices community as a translator. In 2012-2013, she worked at Oxfam Mexico as digital communications coordinator. At present, she works at the Infoactivism program and women ICT project's in SocialTIC, a ICT for social change Mexican NGO and also with WITNESS, a video for advocacy NGO based in New York.

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Monitorear tu comunidad y medir el impacto de tu trabajo

¿Cómo es tu relación con el monitoreo y la evaluación? ¿Odio? Quizás no es que las odiemos, pero tal vez el problema es que simplemente no sabemos por dónde empezar.

Escribiendo la receta de las campañas online

¿Qué es lo que te mueve a planear una campaña? Mientras trabajamos en este recursos hay muchos pensamientos de esa semana que tenemos en mente para alcanzar nuestra meta.

Why we Hate the Word Metrics?

What is your relationship with monitoring and evaluation? Hate? Maybe it is not that we hate them, but maybe the problem is that we simply do not know where to start.

The Recipe for Writing Campaigns Online

What is it that makes you plan a campaign? As we work in the resource there are many thoughts from that week to keep in mind to reach our goal.

Voices of Women: Stories That Transform

Voices of women, stories that transform is a project that gathered more than 20 women from Central Mexico in 2015 to straighten their communication efforts. Our goal is to add up in the effort of documenting our stories so that we are the ones telling them.

Soy Homosensual (I am homosensual)

To raise awareness in Mexico about LGBTI issues. An online campaign was launched. Build upon a digital space that uses humor and LGBTI daily issues this space is used to build a community and introduce rights issues to a general LGBTI audience.

Lugo y las drogas (Lugo and the drugs)

To raise awareness among youth on drugs and drug consumption. Espolea launched a campaign based on a series of videos on Youtube where Lugo (a friendly puppet) talks about his experience with drugs.


After the death of Susanna tragic death in the hospital, due to the lack of care and online campaign was launched demanding the Mexican Government to offer reparation of damages for Susana's family and that the San Cristobal Women's Hospital becomes safe for women.