Tamara Qiblawi

Tamara, co-founder of KnoozRoom, is a non-fiction storyteller with experience working in film, podcasting, print, and digital story. Her work draws on her background in traditional journalism and her study of international affairs at Georgetown University.

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Advocacy is a Two-Way Street

  March 22, 2016

Likely the single most important element of advocacy is the messaging. In theory, you could be sitting on a computer in a space shuttle and foment revolution. But you’d need your computer—you’d need your words and the means to distribute them. Messaging is the chicken in your chicken soup. It’s...

Participatory Histories and the Digital Age — A Lebanese Story?

  January 20, 2016

I believe that there is an inherent paradox in telling stories about social issues. To tell stories, one must have a deep passion for their subject. It should engross the storyteller’s senses, and it should be felt deeply so that the consumer of the story might feel it, too. To

Foshat Amal (Space for Hope)

  January 7, 2016

Fushat Amal is a digital space for hope. It is an attempt by ACT to sidestep the Lebanese government in answering the many questions surrounding the 17,000 Lebanon Civil War disappeared and instead crowdsourcing answers. Fushat Amal serves as a digital memorial, allowing users to insert any information they might have about missing people, and to upload any photography or video that might be of use.