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“Do You Believe You Have Empowered Me?…”- Story of Bangladesh

  February 1, 2016

According to Dr. Yunnus, the concept of Microcredit loan for women has ensured women empowerment in Bangladesh and all over the world. However, the aftermath of this project has been alarming and reports show that this empowerment tool has not only lead to more disempowerment for women but also has...

Women on the Web

  January 7, 2016

Women On the Web (WOW) is a campaigns in Bangladesh that aims to increase women's participation in the community activities of Google Business Groups, driving technology-enabled entrepreneurship opportunities and helping women become more successful by leveraging the power of the Internet from the early stage of their startups.

Talent Trace

  January 7, 2016

Talent Trace is a Campaign that looks for Talented kids, top ranked needy students from under resource government schools primarily around Dhaka. As most of the talented students from government school cannot participate in their school certificate exam and can not get into the college level only for money so PFF came up with a motive to support this kids with financial support to study by ensuring a permanent donor or scholarship.

Blogger and Online Activist Network

  January 7, 2016

After the killing of several prominent bloggers in Bangladesh, Bloggers and online activist network, launched a campaign to protest the murders and to raise more awareness on blogging. This campaign gathered the blogger's community for writing blogs against the injustice for the mass population in Bangladesh