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On Civil Society and Government partnerships

Effective NGO and Government coordination is important, as it can ensure that all parties are able provide each other with valuable feedback that can help them reach their mutual goals....

It's time we talked about burnout!

Last February I was privileged to be part of the Global Voices Exchange gathering in Marseille and I spent an intense week with an amazing group of powerful women from...

What About Post-Digital Advocacy?

From grassroots mapping to community radio, this interview with Chris Csikszentmihályi, co-founder and former director of MIT Center for Future Civic Media, may well provoke our imagination as activists, advocates and researchers.

Monitorear tu comunidad y medir el impacto de tu trabajo

¿Cómo es tu relación con el monitoreo y la evaluación? ¿Odio? Quizás no es que las odiemos, pero tal vez el problema es que simplemente no sabemos por dónde empezar.

Escribiendo la receta de las campañas online

¿Qué es lo que te mueve a planear una campaña? Mientras trabajamos en este recursos hay muchos pensamientos de esa semana que tenemos en mente para alcanzar nuestra meta.

Why we Hate the Word Metrics?

What is your relationship with monitoring and evaluation? Hate? Maybe it is not that we hate them, but maybe the problem is that we simply do not know where to start.

Building, Gaining and Keeping Trust in Online Communities

Spending a week in a room filled with people whose work I admire, creating something new and awesome – what's not to like? The days we spent in Marseille working...

The Recipe for Writing Campaigns Online

What is it that makes you plan a campaign? As we work in the resource there are many thoughts from that week to keep in mind to reach our goal.

Communicating Value

What is the value of a group of powerful women coming together for five days?

Eddie Avila, Tanya Lokot and Arzu Geybulla on the GVeX Workshop

GVeX latest podcast with Rising Voices director Eddie Avile, Arzy Geybulla and Tanya Lokot, talking about the users of the GVeX guide and the importance of understanding the political climate and context whenever thinking about an advocacy campaign!

Unified in a Plurality of Voice

Global Voices is “a borderless, largely volunteer community of more than 1400 writers, analysts, online media experts and translators.” They've been around since 2005, weaving together locally produced stories from...

GVeX- Is So Good

We talked about a number of things from strategy design to evaluation and values to experience sharing to finally producing a content that is both unique, helpful, and as it was mentioned more than just once- a resource which won’t reinvent the wheel but actually become a car perhaps.