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Building, Gaining and Keeping Trust in Online Communities

  March 30, 2016

Spending a week in a room filled with people whose work I admire, creating something new and awesome – what's not to like? The days we spent in Marseille working on the GVeX project made me learn about many things, but one of the main learnings I gained there is...

Advocacy is a Two-Way Street

  March 22, 2016

Likely the single most important element of advocacy is the messaging. In theory, you could be sitting on a computer in a space shuttle and foment revolution. But you’d need your computer—you’d need your words and the means to distribute them. Messaging is the chicken in your chicken soup. It’s...

Unified in a Plurality of Voice

  March 2, 2016

Global Voices is “a borderless, largely volunteer community of more than 1400 writers, analysts, online media experts and translators.” They've been around since 2005, weaving together locally produced stories from all over the globe. They also have a translation community called Lingua, fight against censorship and for freedom through Advox,...

GVeX- Is So Good

  March 2, 2016

We talked about a number of things from strategy design to evaluation and values to experience sharing to finally producing a content that is both unique, helpful, and as it was mentioned more than just once- a resource which won’t reinvent the wheel but actually become a car perhaps.

On Coherent Narratives, Storytelling and Effective Advocacy

  February 13, 2016

A coherent narrative is essential to an effective advocacy and an optimized engagement and with all the tools and technologies around us, each and everyone of us can tell his/her story and the story of others…In today's GVeX podcast episode Tamara Qiblawi, co-founder of KnoozRoom in today’s episode talk to us about...

Activist or Advocate, What Hat do You Wear?

  February 8, 2016

“Are you an activist or an advocate?”, we all had to answer this question at a certain point in our life. How do we identify? Is it important to make this differentiation? And how does this influence our methods of engagements? We've attempted to answer all these questions in this week's podcast with Tanya Lokot for...

“Do You Believe You Have Empowered Me?…”- Story of Bangladesh

  February 1, 2016

According to Dr. Yunnus, the concept of Microcredit loan for women has ensured women empowerment in Bangladesh and all over the world. However, the aftermath of this project has been alarming and reports show that this empowerment tool has not only lead to more disempowerment for women but also has...

Voices of Women: Stories That Transform

  January 24, 2016

Voices of women, stories that transform is a project that gathered more than 20 women from Central Mexico in 2015 to straighten their communication efforts. Our goal is to add up in the effort of documenting our stories so that we are the ones telling them.

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