Using Networking to enroll bloggers at FBC

Foko team is running FBC in 3 different towns of Madagascar and is planning to add 3 more groups to the network. We've already mentioned about the challenges when coordinating workshops and also the difficulties with managing the groups with the absence of trainers or coordinators in place. Give more responsabilities and autonomy to the leader bloggers who are more aware of the internal difficulties and have inspired their group with their individual achievements.

For example, Diana's and Avylavitra's activism have helped promote Foko in a global scale but after a year of activity (FBC 12 just took place last Sunday, September 21st) we need to emphasize more on the “Foko” aspects  and develop collective activities such as participation to international contests in team or address to special request from the groups (need of more connection hours to learn a particular tool for example). CPO, BUEC or ICE groups are already very well organized associations with president, secretary general and treasurers. Bloggers from the Class of '08 with their experiences and skills will be leading this new strategy and of course to motivate them we will keep on looking for more opportunities.Patricia, the president of UN Club in Antananarivo – CPO – was the Rising Voices representant along with Rahool from the Dhaka Neighborhood Diaries in Brussels for the Interdependance Day Conference earlier this month.We hope that more young bloggers from the Rising Voices could attend this kind of events and report back.

Citizen Media introduction at Lycée Jules Ferry on Sept.17th 2008

When CPO associations were “discovered” by Hery, our newest addition, the English Club of Antananarivo was noticed by Joan when she was surfing “Pazzapa” on the internet (Pazzapa is the Malagasy American Idol). Their collective blog was so well-written on so many different topics that they were the best candidates for September's workshops. In less than 3 days and a very friendly mails exchanging, we sealed the partnership and met the group for the first time the day before FBC 12!

ICE English Club first meeting on Avenue de l'Indépendance on Sept.20th 2008

Lova's encounter with Jaona from Antsirabe where he works with 21 associations of marginalized youths was also very interesting. They met in Mexico during '08 AIDS Conference. Since Lova is based in Indiana and working actively in promoting the blogs, raising funds and translating posts, it was his first try at ” auditioning” a future FBC group. He explained the Citizen Media project so well that Jaona was very impatient to meet Stéphane in Madagascar in order to schedule the Antsirabe workshops.

Youth associations in Antsirabe getting ready next FBC workshop

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  1. can you believe it was only a month ago? I hope you guyz will also enjoy the lousy updates we writing here. ICE rules!

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