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After months studying for their exams and weeks waiting for the results (and they were all successful!), Foko bloggers resumed their Citizen Media duties by posting regurlarly on their blogs. Despite the problems of connexion, green (from Antsirabe), orange (from Majunga), yellow (from Tananarive) and blue (from Tamatave) updates appear daily on the RSS feeds from Foko Universe on Netvibes



Randy Donné and ESSVA students bring news from Vakinankaratra region and have helped in the publication of FOKO’s first full page on a national newspaper, Hebdo de Madagascar

Lomelle, Rondro, Antsa and Diana the talented students from the School of Journalism in Majunga are also intensively taking part in bringing news on the web. While interning this fall at two great Malagasy publications and newspapers in Tananarive, they use their blogs to share stories and opinions on the latest trend or the visit of a famous artist. Lomelle’s pictures from Admiral T show at Antsahamanitra this November.


BUEC and ICE English clubs are putting in practice the tips shared during FBC workshops by adding blogrolls and widgets to link between each others’ blogs, using Flickr and putting links on posts. We are still solving the problems of editing videos and loading them on internet from Madagascar (which still takes a lot of time from the little connexion the bloggers have).

 FBC bloggers at Teknet sharing connexion times and tips.

With now more bloggers on Facebook and exchanging daily sms and mails, all the decisions and solutions to the challenges Foko is facing will be commonly discussed!

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  1. […] Making headlines, fighting for a rightful cause, teaching ICT to youth, taking part in the coverage of a crisis or a cyclone, organizing tech events…Each bloggers at Foko have been personally commited to at least two or even three of these activities which made our network noticeable by media in Madagascar but also internationally. Giving opportunities to showcase skills and social activism was one of our goals with the Foko Blog Club project like when a teen like Pati manages to bring Malagasy youth voice to an International Youth Conference then shares about her Citizen Media experiences on television. Tamatave’s club is planning to team up with Theo for his project helping disabled youth; more efforts are going to be made in the regions to develop ICT to youth; individually, bloggers have trained friends to Citizen Media; Moma and Patrick want to do more to promote tourism in Madagascar when we only get to read diaspora or foreigners insights; Koloina has joined the Global Voices in Malagasy squad and helping to promote; as many members are training in journalism, strong sense of emulation is created and the more readers and recognition they get the more professional their work is – professional websites have invited Foko citizen journalists to submit their pictures and videos. […]

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