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2008 events also available on Rising Voices wiki 


As the project is expanding and groups are very active in their locations, we have decided to get more bloggers involved in the coordination and management of their own group. Since December 2008, we gave each leader more responsabilities in distributing the digital cameras and internet connexion hours but also on  reporting and organizing their own activities. Our second Self-Evaluation wouldn't have been possible without the commitment of Tahina in Antananarivo, Patrick in Tamatave (,Randy in Antsirabe ( and now Jaona from Fianarantsoa ( Facebook and Twitter have also been very active network between the Foko but also to share the news from the 2009 political crisis, more than 20 bloggers have opened a Facebook account (thanks to Lomelle) and 10 onTwitter (with updates from mobile phones).

February 2009

Here are our blog updates on Rising Voices :

Second Self-Evaluation

Citizen Media tools to describe the struggles of a population

From Locations :

Ushahidi Comme Outil De Média Citoyen Lors De Crise

Exemplary works of Citizen Journalism from Antsirabe, Tamatave, Diego and Majunga

Twitter updates bring to light the intense networking between Foko bloggers

Antananarivo bloggers actively reporting on the 2009 political crisis

FBC tamatave

Challenges FBC Tana Faces During This Crisis

Manifestations du 27/02/09 à Fianarantsoa

January 2009

Here are our blog updates on Rising Voices :

January 2009 : a month of collective activism to remember at Foko

New! Podcasts and Videos :

2009 New year’s eve in Tamatave

(Antananarivo) Foko Picnic at Ambohidratrimo

Majunga, plus qu’une ville

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