My heart is crying for little Kamba – Mitomany an’i Kamba kely ny foko

Back in April 2008, Diana Chamia, a student at the school of journalism of Majunga, published Kamba's story and called for help. Dozens of bloggers and internauts all over the world contributed to a campaign to bring the baby to Antananarivo for surgery in June 2008. (cf: Rising Voices post) Diana was joined by people with big heart who dedicated time and love to Kamba and this family kept on caring for him when they got back to Majunga after a successful operation. Avylavitra became a close friend, an uncle, who was the first to let us know about the sad news of Kamba's sudden passing.

Mitomany an’i Kamba kely ny foko 

Many of you heard about the story of Kamba (his name was Antefindrazana Tombotsara, he was born on June 7th 2007 in Mahabibo, Mahajanga). The child was brought to neurosurgery in HJRA to operate his rare illness and the successful operation was relayed by medis such as Midi Flash or Madagascar Tribune.

We did our best to give him the best health care possible, humanly possible, but Andriamanitra, our God who gives and takes back, called little Kamba to be next to him this morning. (…)

This morning, as one of my friends who was also close to the family called and told us about an urgent news – Kamba had to be rushed to the hospital after another crisis – we had to send his mother phone credits in Mahajanga by E-recharge so she could call us, here in Antananarivo, as soon as she meets a specialist and gives us more details on the situation. After we sent the credits and waited for her to call back, I ran out of patience and made the call myself. She gave me the time to finish my questioning and thanked me for the credits then in a burst of tears told me :

He is gone, uncle, our little Kamba is gone! My child has died! It has nothing to do with his Antananarivo's trip but Kamba has died!

(…) For all of you who knew him, who have heard of him and all of you who just know about him from this post, I want to let you know that Kamba is still in our hearts, alive. Keep praying for the little twin sister, he left behind. Keep praying for his mother who did everything in her power to find the best and filled the little time he spent in this world with joy and happiness. 

Let's remember the wonderful work we did together for Kamba, keep it in your minds as one of the most beautiful memories and don't give up on the many little Kamba who still need your help (…)

From Gazety Avylavitra, March 19th 2008

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  1. Since june 2008, foko has not published photos of kamba anymore to respect the family’s privacy. We would also like to thank the many friends who stayed in the shadow but were fully committed to help the family.

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