Foko Timeline updates

March and April were trying months for Foko bloggers since the 2009 political crisis had threaten their daily lives and created economical struggles all around the country. As many members were also starting classes at University there were less blog updates in April but they are waiting for you to post comments!

March 2009

Here are our blog updates on Rising Voices :
My heart is crying for little Kamba – Mitomany an’i Kamba kely ny foko
More news and stories from Foko bloggers from the provinces of Madagascar

From Locations :

Manifestations du 27/02/09 à Fianarantsoa
La vie continue chez les Foko
1 an de blogging, qu’en penses-tu Pati?
Updates on the Foko/Ushahidi & twitter crisis report initiative
What’s up in Tamatave and Fianarantsoa?
Malagasy forests in danger : SOS Masoala !
That’s from Tamatave
[Tananarive] The New Experiences We’ve Got From The Interviews We Had
1 an de blogging, qu’en penses-tu Lomelle?

April 2009

Here are our blog updates on Rising Voices :
Foko sharing Citizen Media experiences to Communities

From Locations :

Any Citizen Media activities from the provinces? 14 new blogs in a March !
Foko Clubs à Madagascar
Have you heard from Tamatave bloggers lately?
Mettez vos twitters à jour !
We urge you to Post comments on Jelona’s blog (and the rest of FBCs)



Voice from BUEC from Tamatave

Morning Song from Tamatave

Mr Ludger's first speech from Tamatave

Patrick and  Bosco from Tamatave

Small Bosco from Tamatave

New Media Workshop at ACP from r1lta

March protests from Ariniaina


Interviews with BBC/Irinews Christina Corbett

Manifestations in Fianarantsoa from Jelona

Foko Ushahidi workshop

Volley-Beach in Tamatave from Layshyuu

ESSVA in Tamatave from Layshyuu

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