Want more (good) news from Madagascar? What about starting another blogging contest?

We are at it again. It was in 2007 when Foko co-founders had the amazing idea of starting a Blog Club. You already know that story. But the most amazing experience was the reception from the Malagasy blogosphere. They greeted each new members with comments and also were very motivated to join the online chatroom we used to hold each time there was a workhop schedule somewhere arounf the island. FBC1 was held in Ikelilalina, FBC 2 and FBC 3 in Antananarivo, FBC4 in Majunga and so on. We held dizains of chatrooms where active bloggers and guests exchanged on heated discussions on blogs and more. In 2009, there were also local events  organized by members like the Barcamp 2 to get more journalists to interact with cyberactivists but also tree planting outings in Tamatave planned by BUEC or taking a photography workshop in Antananarivo. These experiences were shared with “high-profile” bloggers supporters of Foko efforts to promote citizen journalism since day 1 Jentilisa(the very active Global Voices in Malagasy editor), Hery-Zo (the very active blogger from Madafan.com on tourism or Avylavitra a senior Foko blogger but also one of the most prolific blogger on the current political crisis and we make more and more friends everyday.

To thank our friends and also to open a wider window to the Malagasy blogosphere, we started a blogging contest back in 2007. The profusion of nominations proved how popular the BOMBS were (BOMBS act for Best of Malagasy Blogs). It was also a great occasion to introduce bloggers to the global conversation and show the world the diversity of our culture (divided in categories such as Culture, Lifestyle, Youth, Malagasy languages). This year, we invited the 2007 winners to be part of the jury and they are currently doing an amazing job spreading the (good) news with the help of Foko members. Jentilisa, the 2007 winner in the Best Blog in Malagasy category, has invited all the bloggers located in Antananarivo to meet at Café de la Gare this Sunday, November 29th for a Blog Meeting at 3pm (local time). There will be dizains of bloggers who will be sharing around a beer for this “cyberfety”. It will also be a great opportunity to open the Foko Chatroom to let the bloggers from the provinces and the diaspora join the discussion starting from 7am EST. BOMBS blogging contest nominations period will end on December 31st and winners will be announced on February 3rd after a review of the finalists list from the jury.


There were also many great news from the Foko bloggers (who are publishing intensively these days) lately. First you have to know more about Nhari who is one of the youngest ICE Club from Antananarivo members. He wants you to share your thoughts about the current political crisis in Madagascr and his blog is a great place to learn more about the struggles of the young people in the capitale. We invite everyone to post more comments on his blog to cheer him and thank him for being very active for more than a year. One blogger who never stops to impress us Patrick from Tamatave who has been invited by one of the biggest NGO in Tamatave called the Jeunes Actifs pour le Développement (Young actives for Development). JADE wants to empower young activists in many fields including environmental campaigns. They are leading most of the events held in Tamatave to support more actions for Climate Change and Patrick has been the priviledged guest and witness to their works. Learn more on his blog, on his BUEC Youtube Channel and on Flickr :

The world is threatened. Nowadays, everything is in trouble, for example let’s talk about litchis, despite the success of the litchis festivity this last week-end but I’m telling you that this year is going to be the worst campaign of the litchis which I have never seen since I was born. That is because of two main factors: “First is the reduction of the production; second is the quality of the products is very bad and small”. The international market norm is not respected by our products. Those problems might affect too many different levels of lives, a national economy. I guess, that is because of the climate change, imagine until now when I’m writing this article, we don’t have enough rain yet. And you probably know that that is very useful for the litchis grains growth. Regarding to what happened; we couldn’t export the same amount of tones as usual this year.

Lyva from Antsirabe has been blogging on the importance of media in Vakinankaratra region from the example of HAJA the educational radio:

HAJA : veut dire Haino AmanJerin’Antsirabe « Audio visuel d’Antsirabe »
La radio HAJA est une radio éducation et proximité instituée en 1984 par l’évêque d’Antsirabe. Elle recouvre aussi la région des hautes terre Malgache. (…) Village 100FM avec la volonté de réaliser complètement l’ idée ou projet HAJA dans les dizaines d’année avenir( radio télévision). Son but c’est de renforcer l’éducation aux jeunes avec l’UNICEF . JRC(Jeune reporting Club ).et sensibiliser les enfants par les Amis de la radio.

HAJA means Visual Audio from Antsirabe. Radio Haja as an educational role and was created in 1984 by the Bishop. It covers the main central region of Madagascar (…) Village 100FM is completing HAJA's work especially in producing radio shows. It main goal is to reinforce education among youth with the help of UNICEF, JRC (Youth Reporting Club) and make more children aware by inviting them to join the Friend of the radio club.

R1lita from Antananarivo has been blogging about the struggles of youth in finding jobs which is one of the biggest consequences of the crisis. Insecurity is also one of the echues Foko bloggers are covering and also the big scandale of Roseweood traffiking :

When the 2009’s political crisis in Madagascar start, almost of the economic operators of Sava and Analanjorofo regions were running to convert themselves into the forest exploiters. In my opinion, they just want to take an advantage of the political crisis. That means that they are trying to collect as lots as possible quantity of the Rosewood and why not the other precious woods before the resolution of the situation.


I’m really sorry to say this, but as a simple citizen, I think I have full right to express my own opinion about this situation. I can’t no more close my mouth to see what exactly happen about this illegal business, I’m pretty sure that the local authorities are not outside of the mechanism such as: the Fokontany leaders, the mayors and even the district chiefs, because they know and they should know by heart their areas and their people at the same time, but why? Why? And why they let those people free? You see?


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