Radio Los Inestables

Córdoba, Argentina – Joined Rising Voices in 2013

inestables1In Córdoba, Argentina, a local team of volunteers had been making regular visits to the public psychiatric hospital where they got to know many of the patients on a more personal level. They found that much of the external perception by the local community of those hospitalized at the facility was either incorrect or the result of stereotypes. From this experience, the volunteers and the patients decided to produce a weekly live radio program called “Radio Los Inestables” broadcasted from the hospital's outside patio and transmitted over a local radio station.

The content ranges from serious topics such as exploring the relationship between mental health, poverty, and discrimination, to more light-hearted features in the form of radio theater or poetry readings. The project is placing more of the responsibility for managing the radio program into the hands of the patients by adding an online component where they can reach a national and global audience. The participants have learned how to record, edit, and upload audio podcasts, and manage the radio program's social media accounts to have regular interaction with listeners around the world.

Here is an audio piece that they produced called “What Does Radio Mean to Me?” (in Spanish):

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