Tsimane’ Linguistic Universe

San Borja, Bolivia – Joined Rising Voices in 2014

TismaneMany rural Tsimané indigenous communities in the Beni region of Bolivia are left without Internet or mobile connections. While there is hope that a new government telecommunications satellite will eventually fill these connectivity gaps, those wanting access to the web must make a trek to the nearest town of San Borja. When they do get online, there is little to no content in the Tsimané language, but this project seeks to address this need. A team of young people, which includes students, teachers, and researchers, who often make this trek themselves to study or work in San Borja are creating a multimedia encyclopedia that collects digital audio recordings to encourage a new generation of tech-savvy young people to use their language online.

The project is also experimenting with other forms of citizen media learning how to upload new digital content in audio, video, and text format. For example, these audios and videos showcasing local culture:

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