Day 1: Our first Workshop

Workshop Day 1Jorge Montoya and Juliana Rincón facilitated the workshop and Peter Gallego and Juan Fernando Galindo were there as part of the support team, taking pictures, taking notes and documenting the process. In the future they will assist participants with any technical and topic related issues as well as providing online assistanceship to participants. The seven participants who arrived brought different abilities and interests: four of them are members of youth and cultural groups in the area of Santo Domingo, one of them is a former participant from a previous workshop in the Liceo Santo Domingo and two others are professionals interested in exploring new media capabilities, coming from different areas of Medellin.

All the workshop documentation, the material we are bringing as well as what participants have been creating are available in our Spanish Wiki, an editable site which will serve as a resource for participants and as a way to document the workshop´s process. For more information on this workshop, please visit our Rising Voices Wiki or continue visiting this site.

Thanks to:

Lina María from the Library Park España, Andrea from the Library Network and Makaia who lent us the video beam projector and the EPM Foundation who provided snacks for this first workshop.

You can listen to our first podcast in Spanish here:

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