At La Loma: VideoBarrio and ConVerGentes

Alfredo Marulanda tells us what has been going on at La Loma de San Javier:

The last workshop given was on editing, formats and narrative resources; I´m worried about the little productivity of the group, we have established that during these days they would begin formulating or establishing projects. On Saturday October 6th I´ll go back to La Loma to work with the group of ConVerGentes (with whom we worked last Saturday as well), specifically about the production of documentaries, there is a very interesting project which requires much attention, Videobarrio will also be at this workshop, I would like very much for the Videobarrio participants to integrate themselves a bit more with convergentes since they have good projects and I think that between the two of them great work can get done.

Next week I´ll be informing you ow what we saw in the workshop and of what we talked regarding the projects to take on.

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