Meeting members of the blog – 2012

On October 27, 2012, there was a meeting of members of the blog “Friends of Januária.” It was the first official meeting after the end of the course that happened in September and October 2011.

River São Francisco – City Januária-MG – Brazil

The meeting was aimed to know and train three new citizen reporters, winners of the campaign “Be A Citizen Reporter” launched the site in September 2012. Moreover, there was the training of new members and of course the use of journalistic techniques and blog with other journalists.

The meeting was supported by the NGO International Rising Voices, which paid for the “citizen reporters kits” for new members, plus materials needed for the meeting and future reports.

Material Citizen Reporter

Throughout the event were discussed numerous issues related to the blog, reporting techniques, history and future of the project, presentation of journalists, discussion guidelines, restructuring and defining tasks and other activities. At the end of a snack was served to all present.

Since the project “Friends of Januária” which happened in 2011, much has changed, the blog grew, new players have emerged, our increased presence on social networks and news reports increasingly gained credibility among the population. However, over time (2011-2012), some members left the site, but with the campaign for new members, could fill a very important gap in the project, the continuity of materials. The new journalists who now join the group were very well chosen and their stories can already be seen in address.

On the occasion of the meeting of members of the blog, also marked a new day for study returned editing photos and videos. The intention is that the meeting be fruitful both for learning and for the strengthening of the group. Soon be possible to give more in a matter as was the second meeting with the staff of the “Friends of Januária.”