Media Trainings Underway with the Karen Student Network Group

We began the first round of media trainings on April 23 at KSNG’s office in Mae Sot, Thailand.  There are 13 talented young students attending, coming from several of the refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border, as well as a few from Karen State in Burma.  This is actually more people than we expected, but we invited a few extra students who wanted to participate.  KSNG’s office has become the home and workspace for these students during the training, the first round of which will be completed by May 18th.

Karen students learning audio editing

During this first round of training, we focused on four topics: news writing, audio recording & editing, and broadcast.  It’s been really exciting watching these students improve their skills, and learn entirely new ways to tell their stories.  While KSNG’s media staff runs most of the trainings, we also invited two specialist, Aung Nai, who works for Internews and Jack Chance, an experienced radio producer and media trainer.  In addition to the workshops, we are also distributing some media equipment to students, including notebooks, media guidebooks, and audio recorders.

This is the first opportunity for many of our students to learn about audio recording and editing.  Although they all have a passion for news and storytelling, for many of them, computers and even electricity are difficult to find in their areas.  But most of them have picked up on the techniques and technology very quickly.


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