KSNG media activities update for May to July


KSNG media team record news in KSNG Studio room

At the begging of the month of July, our ksng media department had organized a media training course such as weekly broadcast news about the situation of Thai-Barman border. The aim and the objective of our training was to let the people know about the conflicts which happen after the ceasefire agreement, and will setup this news in to the online.
After our media training, our trainees went back to their camps and contact with us very closely every time, and also the Karen people who were in the other countries will listen to our weekly broadcasting programs. And in the online news Karen language (Kwekalu) in English side (Karen news) our program was take ten minutes long and most are in Karen language but some were had translated in English.
For the second course of KSNG’s Media training, we will continue to hold on September or October when the participator have free time or holiday time at school, because most of media training participator are students and school teachers who were in Thai-Burma border at Karen refugee camp.
For the next coming training, we will invite all of the old participator and the participator will discus and share their journalist work experiences in camp. They will also share their content person from difference camps or areas to get more self-confident in their work as a journalist.

2012,07,22 Karen Border News by KSNG

First News
Between Thai – Burma border the news said someone took the drugs and distrusted in Thailand. So there were a fighting between the group of the drugs sander and Thai security guide at the 16 of this month. And the eight of the drug sender were died and Thai security guide received the drug and it will cost more than one hundred million baths.

Second News
Most of the local people inside Burma at Karen state they know that there were many land mines remaining in their area, so they still afraid of the land mind and scared of that. Belong to this situation the local people had attack with the land mine and lost their leg and have to heal it, and the estimate was once a month, said mae toe clinic.

Third News
Villager said, In Karen state ,the Burma governments will provide the initiative development project , so they force and use the arm level to the villagers and took their cultivation and farm more than 800 yards for rebuilt the industries zones, so the villagers and the public facing with the very big problem by this case.

Fourth News
In Thai – Burma border at Karen refugee camps, last year the teacher who teach in the camps, they got their salary for each teachers received 400 baths , but this year for the increase of their salary till 700baths ,they must decrease vocational trainer project in their camps, said KRCEE.

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