Meet the Participants, Meet the Neighbourhood Journalists

Introducing  Bow Bazaar Neighbourhood Journalists, a vibrant group of growing teenagers with great spirit and enthusiasm. 

Jotsna Das. Age, 16. Jotsna Studies at School. During her spare time, she enjoys having conversations. One thing that everyone knows about her is that all the teachers and tutors at school adore her. One thing that nobody knows about her, is that she is in love.

Surojit Mitra. Age 16. Surojit is a student at Bow Bazaar Highschool. During his free time he loves to coreograph dances and listen to music. He is known for his laughter and his coreography in Sanlaap programmes. One thing that no one knows about him is that, once he failed an exam.

Pooja Dolui. Age, 13. Pooja is a student. She loves to sleep during her spare time. Everybody knows that Pooja loves to hang out with boys. However, nobody knows that she loves to read about History.

Pinky Lal. Age, 13. She is a Student. Pinky enjoys drawing and helping out her Ma. Everybody knows that she talks a lot. But no one knows that Pinky hopes to work and support underprivliged people when she grows older.

Tapos Das. Age, 13. Tapos is a student. During his free time, he enjoys to read and write. Everybody knows about his love for football and batball. Nobody knows that Tapos is in love with a girl.

Tulu. Age, 15. Tulu is a student. Tulu loves to play cricket from 6am-8am. And he enjoys playing football from 11am to 2pm. Everybody knows that Tulu works with is father. But no one knows that Tulu use to play brilliant football back in his village.

Tanya Mondol. Age, 14. Tanya is a student. She enjoys playing and drawing. During her spare time, Tanya like to study. And everybody knows she loves to study, but no one knows that she also loves to dance.

Robi Mondal. Age, 15. Robi doesn’t work, he’s a student. Robi loves to play with his brothers and friends, and he helps around the house during his free time. Everybody knows that he loved a girl at the Sanlaap drop-in-center. But no one knows that he has loved a girl (again?).

Supriya Dolui. Age, 12. Supriya is a student. She loves to play and joke around with people. Everybody knows that Supriya is everyone’s friend. But no one ones that Supriya has a neighbour whose whose mother is forcing him to drop out of school and work in a chai stall.

Rahul Goswami. Age 19. Rahul studies, works, and learns to play the guitar. During his free time, he enjoys writing poetry and practising his guitar. In the dark, he thinks and worries about his family and his personal future. Rahul is well known for his handwriting and his long hair. Rahul is also known for being a quiet and serious young man. But no one knows that Rahul is afraid of swimming and riding a bicycle. Rahul hopes to be get a degree in Bangla Literature and be a journalist.