Week 3, Part II: Postcards from Bow Bazaar

During Session 3, all participants wrote a vignette on Bow Bazaar through the following activity.

Activity One: Bow Bazaar and Me Vignette
Remind everyone how we left off at writing what our neighbourhood means to us personally. Read the Poddar Nagar poem to remind the participants how we invoke our neighborhood. Now, tell them that they too will invoke their neighborhood through sensorial details.

Have everyone close their eyes and go around the room and think imagine Bow Bazaar from a personal gaze in terms of the Four Senses. Orally go over each sense. Ask each participant to share their Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch of Bow Bazaar. Go around the room with each sense, one at a time. Take time to comment (trim, refine) sensorial description. After each participant has shared their description, have them write their spoken line into their notebook in the form of a poem. On the board write the structure of the poem.

Bow Bazaar Means….
A Sound
A Sight
A Smell
A Touch

Postcards from Bow Bazaar

Bow Bazaar Maane….

Amar baarir boro raastai log-joner katha-bolar shobdo.
Moder gondho,
Bow Bajaar mane shiri-te mod kheye pore-jawar drishho,
Bow Bajaar mane amar baarir chhater pachiler thandar sporsho.

Bow Bazaar Means…

The sound of conversations from the road leading home,
The smell of alcohol,
Bow Bazaar means the sight of a fallen, drunk man on the stairs.
Bow Bazaar means feeling coolness on the rooftop of my home.

By Pooja Dolui, Age 13



Bow Bazaar Mane…

Amar baari-te jal niye jhagra,
Bow Bajaar maane amar baari theke shoja giye, sealdahr maacher ghondo.
Maane, Sealdahr bridge-ey Om Shanti – r poster.
Bow Bajaar maane, amader schooler ghar-gulor khor-khorey deowal.

Bow Bazaar Means…
At home, an argument over water.
Bow Bajaar means the smell of fish from Sealdah.
It means, a poster of Om Shanti on Sealdah bridge.
Bow Bazaar means the rough walls of our classroom.

By Salman, Age 14



Bow Bajaar Mane…

Bipin Behari Ganguly-r street-er bus, taxi-r awaj.
Bow Bajaar maane, hotel-er mangsho aur onno khawar-er gondho.
Bow Bajaar maane, bhor-belar gaache thanda guri.

Bow Bazaar Means…
The sound of bus and taxis on Bipin Behari Ganguly Street.
Bow Bazaar means, the scent of meat curry and other foods from the hotel.
Bow Bazaar means, the cold trunk of a tree at dawn.

By Tapos, Age 13


Bow Bajaar Maane….

Amar baarir neeche mudi-dokaan-e kena-becha.
Toilet-r ghondo. Bow Bajaar maane, mudi-dokaan-e khela hochhe.
Bow Bajaar, chhoto ball-er moto.

Bow Bazaar Means….
Buying and selling at the grocery shop below my home.
The smell of urine.
Bow Bazaar means, games and play at the grocery store.
Bow Bazaar is like a small ball.

By Tulu, Age 15


Bow Bajaar Maane…

Kaki-r ghar-e t.v.-te gaaner awaaj.
Bow Bajaar maane Bipin Behari Ganguly-r statue.
Ar taar pechone hotel-e Mughlai bhaajar gondho.
Bow Bajaar maane bhor-bela bot gaacher thanda ebong mosrinatar sporsho.

Bow Bazaar Means…
The sound of music on T.V. from Kaki's room.
Bow Bazaar means Bipin Behari Ganguly-r statue
And the smell of Mughlai food from the hotel behind.
Bow Bazaar means the cool and smooth touch of a banyan tree at dawn.

By Jotsna, Age 16

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