Week 7: The Session

Session Seven: Making Changes in our Para

Date: January 14, 2008
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Venue: Bow Bazaar Highschool

Share the Home Assignment from Previous Session

Have each pair of journalists read their piece on the para livelihood chosen by them. Share and discuss.

Today’s assignment: Making Changes in Our Para

  1. Let’s brainstorm the various kinds of issues/problems/dislikes in our para.Which of these problems/issues/dislikes can we take personal responsibility for? Which look like they are capable of being changed if only we try?
  2. Ask them to choose two problems that they think need attention, which it is possible to change if they take initiative, not only a personal problem but that which is affecting many people in your para.
  3. Give each group a problem and ask them to brainstorm solutions which they can practically work on to get rid off/lessen the problem. Think of different people/spaces you can go to, to ask for help in solving this problem. Think of what mediums we might use to address this problem?
  4. Create a skit presenting the problem and the solution.

Skit Activity:

  1. Enact a problem you see emerging in your para (from your own perspective) and enact a solution you think is feasible (from your perspective).
  2. Ask audience participants and Facilitators to respond to the presented skit with their thoughts, ideas, perspectives.
  3. Remind participants, if it does not come up on its own in skits or discussion, that they can use different media to spread awareness and address the problem. It may be making posters to raise public awareness in the para, writing letters to Newspapers/the Corporation, asking for help from para beneficiaries and thereby involving them in the growth of the para.

Take Home Journalist Assignment: Write an article researching a Problem/Issue of the Para.

  • From when are the para residents facing the problem?
  • Who are especially affected?
  • What are the steps, if any, that para people have taken to get rid of it?
  • Identify para people like you who want to do something to overcome the problem. Can you work together?
  • Who are the people who know about it but still ignore it?

Check Out
How was this session like? Good/bad/okay?
How do you feel about participating in the coming sessions? 1 word

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