Accidental death of child in Bowbazaar

This week's Para Diaries had to be cancelled because of the accidental death of 9 year-old Sonu in Bowbazaar. Sonu used to be a regular at one of Sanlaap's centres in Bowbazaar. He lost his life when he fell down from a mango tree where he'd been picking fruit. He was accompanied by three boys of around his age. In the fall when he cracked his head and started losing a lot of blood, his young friends rushed him to the Medical College Hospital near Central metro station. The Emergency department refused to admit him, as by then, hopes of him surviving was already low. People from his home and from Sanlaap rushed him to a Khidderpore hospital, where he passed away in the middle of the night (Sunday).

I came to know this from Rahul, one of our para journalists. Rahul and Apurbo had been  among the ones accompanying the body to the cremation ground. 

Rahul had a personal relationship with the boy. Often, as he would come out of home and step onto the para lanes, Sonu would come jumping, asking the older dada to give him a Rupee or two, or hang on to him to buy him marbles…

5 thoughts on “Accidental death of child in Bowbazaar

  1. My condolences to the entire community at Bowbazaar. I hope that everyone, and especially Rahul, is able to find creative outlets to digest their grief.

  2. My sincere condoleances to the group and community for losing their angel. All my thoughts to the family and Sonu’s little friends who proved to be strong and very mature during this hard time.

  3. My prayers and thoughts go out to Sonu’s family, friends, Rahul and the Bowbazaar Neighborhood Diaries community (esp Urbi) on their loss and grief…onek doa to you…kathy (nari jibon, dhaka/carbondale il usa).

  4. From the core of my heart I am prying for Sonu’s eternal peace. May the almighty give strength to Sonu’s parents, friends and all others to bear this shock.
    Rafiq (Nari Jibon Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

  5. I am shocked! My condolences.

    “The Emergency department refused to admit him” – this is sometimes a reality in Bangladesh too. I wish people would raise their voices against this blunder of the health system.

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